KCB Bank
Brokerage Business


KCB Capital’s Brokerage unit offers a wide array of products and services to suit both individuals’ and corporates’ investment and capital raising needs.

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  • Trading Services

    Equity Trading

      This involves providing access to the listed stocks in the Nairobi Securities Exchange – trading in the stock market on behalf of our clients in a timely and precise manner.

  • Trading Services

    Fixed Income/Bond Trading

      KCB Capital executes transactions on the fixed income capital markets in both corporate and government issues. Clients have the option of trading in;

      • Government bonds
      • Treasury bills (T-Bills)
      • Corporate bonds
  • Trading Services

    CDSC Services

      Facilitating all CDSC processes as listed below;

      • CDS Account Opening
      • Settlement of shares bought and sold
      • Immobilization of shares held in certificate form
      • Transfer of a CDS account to KCB Capital
      • Pledge of shares in favour of banks and financial institutions
      • Release of pledged shares
      • Private transfer of shares
      • Transmission of shares in case of death/succession