KCB Bank

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is KCB Capital?

    KCB Capital is an investment bank that seeks to provide strategic and financial advice to meet the growth aspirations of its clients. It was fully licensed by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) in February 2014 to undertake investment banking activities, and subsequently acquired trading rights on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) in September 2014.

  • How do I buy shares listed in the Nairobi Securities exchange?

    The first step is to open a CDS (Central Depository and Settlement) account with a stockbroker licensed by the Capital Markets Authority. A CDS account holds securities traded at the Nairobi Securities exchange apart from bonds issued by the Central Bank of Kenya.

  • What is a CDS Account?

    CDS stands for the Central Depository System Account. This is a computer system operated by The Central Depository and Settlement Corporation (CDSC) that facilitates holding of shares in electronic accounts.

  • What are the requirements of opening a CDS account?

    Individual – Documentation Check List:

    1. Completed and signed account opening form
    2. Copy of current bank statement (3 months)
    3. Original & Copy of ID/PP
    4. Copy of PIN certificate
    5. 2 colored Passport size photographs
    6. Evidence of permanent address

    Company – Documentation Check List:

    1. Completed and signed account opening form
    2. Copy of certificate of incorporation/ business registration certificate/ constitution/ rules/ by laws/ certificate of registration or exemption certificates/ gazette notice/ act of parliament
    3. Copy of the memorandum & article of association/partnership mandate or deed/ letter from ministry or permanent secretary
    4. Resolution of board of directors/ authorization letter signed and stamped by Ambassador
    5. Copy of current bank statement (3 months)
    6. Copy of PIN/VAT
    7. Copy of directors ID/PP
    8. Copy of directors PIN certificate
    9. 2 colored Passport size photographs of directors/authorized signatories
    10. Evidence of permanent address – for the institution and the directors/authorized signatories
  • Why do I need to provide all these documents?

    This is as a result of regulations from the Capital Markets Authority that requires stock brokers to carry out a due diligence on their clients. The process enables us to identify and ascertain relevant information pertinent to doing business with you. A key benefit of this process is that it will enable us to prevent identity theft, fraud and thereby protect your investment with us.

  • How long does it take to open a CDS account?

    CDSC account opening process should be done ideally within 24 hours if the account opening form is in order and all the KYC requirements are in place. However, this may not always be the case.

  • What is the minimum amount of money I can invest?

    The minimum amount one can invest is determined by the price of the shares one chooses to buy. The minimum shares one can buy in the market are 100 shares.

  • How do I know which shares to invest in?

    A stockbroker will assist a client in selecting a suitable investment portfolio depending with the investor’s investment objective and risk appetite. Most stockbrokers have a research department that does analysis on the companies quoted at the Nairobi Securities Exchange and advises clients accordingly.