Niko Waks

The programme targets to reach applicants within the small and micro enterprises in Kenya spread across 3 economic sectors of:

  1. Agriculture (Hydroponic Farming) – Miramar International College (MIC) will train the beneficiaries give the beneficiaries off take contracts for their produce. In addition, MIC will source for suitable land for the construction of the greenhouses for its beneficiaries by spearheading negotiations with land owners and subsequently registering lease agreements at the Ministry of Lands for a period of 61 months.
  2. Construction – Before sending beneficiaries for training, we have made sure that there is enough demand for their labour. Arc Skills is the lead training partner for construction. Construction beneficiaries trained at Arc Skills will get construction contracts from agribusiness beneficiaries to construct the greenhouses envisaged under this project.
  3. Manufacturing – A Before our beneficiaries embark on training we have ensured that there is market for the goods that they will manufacture. The lead partner in manufacturing, Gearbox is a leading manufacturing incubator that trains a Jua-Kali artisans and graduate engineers. In this programme, beneficiaries trained in manufacturing at Gearbox will receive orders to manufacture various greenhouse parts, such as pipes, troughs, nuts, bolts and other fittings for the agribusiness beneficiaries.
  • We are currently not recruiting for the NikoWaks Program. Please look out for our next invitation for applications.


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