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Livestock insurance provides cover against the risk of death, theft or sickness of animals as a result of an insured peril. Cover is also provided in respect of emergency slaughter on health grounds or on advice of a qualified veterinary doctor.

Cover may be extended to cover additional epidemics such as fire, lightening, flood, etc.

Basis of valuation

Coverage is based on the veterinary valuation price which is agreed prior to going on cover.


  • Submit duly completed application form
  • Premium payment
  • Current veterinary and valuation report from local livestock officer
  • Identification tags, tracking device or tattoo for all insured livestock
  • Cattle below 10 years of age
  • Filled proposal form

What is not covered

The cover excludes losses from:

  • Wilful misconduct and or intentional destruction without insurer consent (except on humane grounds with the consent of a qualified veterinary practitioner)
  • Feed poisoning or poisoning through spray
  • Prior accidents or diseases (existing before going on cover)
  • Mysterious disappearances or unaccountable losses
  • Losses occurring while on culling
  • Theft in areas prone to cattle rustling and banditry.
  • Livestock on exhibitions and shows (unless specifically extended on request)
  • Famine and malnutrition
  • Medical treatment by unqualified practitioner
  • Impotence and infertility
  • Congenital defects (defects the animal is born with)
  • Inadequate milk yield
  • Treatment and vaccination costs
  • Maternity related losses
  • Livestock above 10 year of age
  • Cost of emergency e.g. fire brigade and police costs
  • Losses resulting from nuclear or radioactive contamination, war, terrorism and political risks
  • Policy excess

All breeds of dairy and dairy cattle of economic value

  • Proposal Form
  • Medical Report prepared by a qualified veterinary doctor indicating market value of livestock
  • Identification for cattle (tagging/branding)
  • Premium payment

Cover may be arranged on:

Multi-peril basis covering death or loss of livestock due to:

  • Accidental death a lightening, injury, flooding, snake bite, feed poisoning, etc.
  • Diseases of a terminal nature
  • Emergency slaughter
  • Theft by use of force
  • Calving complications
  • Epidemics
  • Transit risks to exhibitions

Index based livestock insurance covering loss or death of livestock due to drought.

  • This product is tailored for the arid and semi-arid regions
  • When a farmer loses an animal, he should inform the agency representative at the branch immediately through the phone.
  • The officer should immediately notify the claims department via e-mail of this claim.
  • The farmer should then cut the ear with the ear tag intact and bring it to the branch.
  • The officer should take a photograph the ear with the ear tags intact
  • The officer should also submit the claim form (this is for him only to fill and sign) and also the post mortem report signed and stamped by the veterinary officer/doctor.
  • The officer should then send over the scanned ear image, claim form and post mortem report to the claims department for the claim to be processed.

From the Insurance Company

  • Discharge voucher
  • Settlement cheque

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