KCB Elimisha, an education and life insurance plan for your family’s future.

Parenthood is parent good with KCB Elimisha

The ability to read, write, and analyze; the confidence to stand up for what you believe in; the qualifications and connections to get your foot through the door, and take your seat at the table – all starts with an education. Our goal is to simply make it possible for you to reimagine your children’s education with the KCB Elimisha insurance policy, that’s not only an education policy, but also a life insurance plan. It is not just parenthood, KCB Elimisha is #ParentGood.

KCB Elimisha is an education policy like no other, here’s why;


Increase and decrease the sum assured as you need on policy anniversary. We will then change your premiums accordingly. Flexibly increase your premium annually based on a chosen escalation rate.

Guaranteed Benefits

We guarantee that you or your beneficiaries, whichever applies in the circumstances, will receive the sum assured plus accrued interest in the event of loss of life as a result of accident or illness, or upon the maturity of the policy.

Critical illness

In the event of a critical illness, a 35% payout of the sum assured is made on first diagnosis. This benefit will cease once a claim is made but the policy will remain in force until maturity or death whichever occurs first upon which the 100% sum assured is payable.

Waiver of premium on retrenchment

In the event a parent/guardian lose their job or is retrenched, they will receive a waiver for payment of premiums payable for a period of six months.

You are one step away from #ParentGood

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Sum Assured KSH 1,000,000
Monthly premium
KSH 2,967
  • Death
    KSH 2,720
  • Impairment
    KSH 42
  • Critical illness
    KSH 36
  • Single Policy
    KSH 2,960
  • Retrenchment
    KSH 12
  • Joint Policy
    KSH 0
  • Double accident
    KSH 149
  • PHCF Policy
    KSH 7
Calculate your premium by selecting your preferred sum assured and policy period.
Joint Policy
  1. Benefit escalation clause

    Increase your premium annually based on a chosen escalation rate, correspondingly increasing your sum assured as;


    Premium Escalation Rate

    Sum Assured Escalation Rate


    0% per annum

    0% per annum


    5% per annum

    2.5% per annum


    7.5% per annum

    3.75% per annum


    10% per annum

    5% per annum


    15% per annum

    7.5% per annum


    20% per annum

    10% per annum

  2. Enhancement of Sum Assured On policy anniversary, you can choose to enhance your sum insured by paying an additional premium. The enhanced sum assured will correspond to the additional premium and this will form part of the existing policy.
  3. Reduction of Sum Assured In the event of a financing strain in paying your premiums, reduce the sum assured under the policy as opposed to cancelling it. The reduced premium will be used to determine the adjusted sum assured.
  1. While making claims, the following requirements must be met;
  2. Claims notification: All claims due for consideration under the policy must be submitted immediately but not later than six months from the happening of any of the insured event.
  3. On maturity of the cover, the original policy document and a copy of insured’s parent identity document should be availed.
  4. Death claims; the following is required, copy of death certificate, copy of identity document of deceased, police report if death was accidental, claim form signed by nominated beneficiary, identity document of beneficiary.
  5. Disability and critical illness; avail the original medical report and a copy of insured’s parent identity document.
  6. Retrenchment; Letter from employer and copy of insured’s parent identity document.
  7. Conditions; claims are settled upon receipt of full documents and execution of discharge voucher.
  1. Last Expense Benefit 10% of the sum assured will be paid out within 48 hours of notification of the death of the insured parent or the death of the child insured (maximum of 2 children covered). Maximum amount payable for this benefit shall be Kshs.200,000.00 per person.
  2. Double accident benefit An additional payment will be made where the death of the insured person occurs as a result of an accident. The double sum insured payment will only be made where the rider had been selected for the policy.
  3. Permanent total disability A lump sum payment will be made in the event of incapacity as a result of bodily injury, illness, disease or surgery that results in permanent disability and incapacity of the policyholder to perform their current occupation. Once a claim is made for this condition this benefit will cease but the policy will remain in-force for the remaining benefits until maturity or death whichever occurs first.
  1. Who qualifies for the cover? Customers between the age of 18 – 65 years can purchase KCB Elimisha insurance policy up to a sum assured of KES 7,000,000.00. No medical examination is required. Customers who purchase cover above KES 7,000,000.00 will be required to undergo medical examination.
  2. What is the scope of the cover in terms of time limit? The insured parent will have a choice of contract terms ranging from 5 years to 20 years.
  3. What is the cover limit? The minimum sum assured benefit that parents can opt for is KES. 50,000 while the maximum sum assured benefit is KES. 40 million.
  4. Can I take the policy jointly with my spouse? You can take up the KCB Elimisha cover either as a single policy or a joint policy with your spouse. A single life policy covers the life of one parent and pays out the sum assured on either policy maturity or unfortunate demise of the insured parent. You have the option of including your spouse in a joint life policy covers the lives of both parents. An additional premium payable in respect of the second parent will attract discount of 15% of premium. On policy maturity, each parent will be paid the full sum assured independently. In the unfortunate demise of either of the parents before policy maturity, 100% of the Sum Assured will be paid. The policy shall remain in force and continue covering the second life until policy maturity upon which the sum assured will also be paid out.
  5. What is a policy anniversary? This is the anniversary of the policy inception date. On policy anniversary, the insured parent can decide whether to enhance or reduce the sum assured.
  6. What is the waiting period? No waiting period applies for accidental death and impairment claims.
    For all other claims, a 6 month waiting period will apply for all policies below Kshs.7,000,000.00 sum assured unless the insured parent voluntarily opts to undergo medical examination at inception.
  7. What is not covered?

    The following claims are not covered;

    • Claims attributed to war/civil war
    • Criminal activity involvement
    • Suicide or self-inflicted injuries
    • Non-compliance to medical treatment
    • Accidental death as a result or insured person involved in hazardous sports, or any illegal acts
    • Effects of radioactivity or nuclear explosion
  8. Can I pay my premiums quarterly? Premium is payable on a monthly basis for the entire term or duration for which the policy will run. However, premiums are also payable on a quarterly, half year and annual basis. Depending on the frequency of premium payment, discounts will be advanced as follows;




    No discount


    Monthly premium x 2.9

    Half Year

    Monthly premium x 5.5


    Monthly premium x 10

  9. What can cause policy lapse? The policy will lapse if the premiums are in arrears more than 6 months after the first 12 months. A 3 month grace period will be given for missed premiums before the policy lapses.
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