The majority of health insurance plans only provide cover to members/insured persons in their country of residence. Although many healthcare plans have some cover while members are abroad on holiday or short business trips, these are not suitable for members if they are moving away from their country of residence for purpose of work or study on a long term basis.

For members moving to other countries for long periods of time for work or study, international medical insurance is recommended. This ensures members and their family can access the best health care available wherever they are around the world.

Many plans include repatriation, which means that members and their family can return to their home country for treatment if the required treatment is not available in the country where they are working or studying.



Medical plans usually include cover for day to day medical expenses like visits, to the doctor, planned surgery, emergency treatment, maternity cover, outpatient care, optical and dental plans depending on the level of cover chosen.

International medical plans also include cover for chronic and congenital conditions and a wide range of pre-existing conditions. Plans offered are usually flexible and allow the expats to choose a plan that best suits their needs.

How International Medical Cover different from Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is primarily aimed at those taking short trips abroad including holiday makers and business travelers. Travel insurance usually covers unexpected medical emergencies or accidents that crop up during short trips away from home as well as other travel related emergencies like missed flights or lost luggage.

International medical covers is usually offered in partnership with Inter-nations Medical Cover Providers who have a worldwide presence. Benefits of International Medical Covers include:

  • Access to unparalleled network of hospitals, physicians and other healthcare professionals
  • Flexibility to tailor a cost effective plan to suit the individual and corporate needs of customers
  • Globally compliance healthcare plans
  • Peace of mind knowing that one is protected wherever they are in the world

International health insurance is primarily aimed at expats and students who are living outside of their home country for an extended period of time.


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