What kind of Life Assurance are you looking for?

KCB Elimisha

Our goal is to simply make it possible for you to reimagine your children’s education with the KCB Elimisha insurance policy,

Cub Account with Education Insurance

This is a savings account that offers discipline, flexibility, and guaranteed security of funds/ savings and continuity of loved ones’ education goals. 

Credit Life Insurance

Credit Life Insurance is a life policy designed to pay off a borrower’s debt if that borrower dies before the loan is fully paid back to the lender.  

Funeral Expense

This policy covers funeral expenses. A specified amount is paid within 48 hours upon notification of death and presenting required documents in respect of the insured persons.

Group Life and Disability Assurance

This cover, available to organizations, provides a death benefit in the event of an employee’s death 

Group Funeral Expense

Planning for funerals requires a lot of cash, especially to offset bills.