KCB Elimisha

Our goal is to simply make it possible for you to reimagine your children’s education with the KCB Elimisha insurance policy,

that’s not only an education policy but also a life insurance plan. It is not just parenthood, KCB Elimisha is #ParentGood.


  • Flexibility - Increase and decrease the sum assured as you need on the policy anniversary, and flexibly increase your premium annually based on a chosen escalation rate.
  • Guaranteed Benefits - We guarantee that you or your beneficiaries (whichever applies) will receive the sum assured plus accrued interest in the event of loss of life as a result of accident or illness, or upon the maturity of the policy.
  • Critical illness- In the event of a critical illness, a 35% payout of the sum assured is made on the first diagnosis. This benefit will cease once a claim is made but the policy will remain in force until maturity or death whichever occurs first upon which the 100% sum assured is payable
  • Waiver of the premium on retrenchment - In the event a parent/guardian loses their job or is retrenched, they will receive a waiver for payment of premiums payable for a period of six months.

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