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This policy provides comprehensive commercial auto insurance to compensate individuals, business firms and large corporations against accidental loss or damage to their motor vehicles and their accessories whilst being used to transport own goods, as well as protection against legal liability to third parties.

Own goods refer to goods which form part of the client’s business e.g. own manufactured goods, business stocks, materials carried by construction company vehicles for their construction projects, wholesalers and hardware owners transporting their own stocks etc. ┬áThis does not cover hiring of vehicles to transport stock, materials and goods belonging to other people/third parties.



  • Accidental damage to the vehicle including malicious damage, riot and strike
  • Theft & Fire damage
  • Damage to property belonging to third parties (other persons)
  • Injury to third party persons such as pedestrians and passengers in other vehicles. Third party persons exclude any member of the insured’s immediate family.


Wholesalers, construction companies, farmers, hardware owners, supermarkets, saw millers, flour millers, manufacturers, and merchandisers, 2nd hand clothes (mitumba) traders etc.


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