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Provides cover is for sudden and unforeseen damage or losses which physically affect the assets client due to fire, theft, lightning, explosion, failing aircraft, smoke, soot, corrosive gases, water and humidity, failure of air conditioning, short circuit and other electrical causes, design, manufacturing, assembly and erection faults, defects in casting and material, workshop errors, faulty operation, malicious acts of workmen, employees, third parties, burglary, frost etc.

The policy can be extended to include strike, riot and civil commotion, overtime and express freight expenses, airfreight, earthquake, hurricane, cyclone and typhoon, flood, inundation, storm or tempest, air-conditioning, cover for additional expenditure incurred for re-programming and transport, cover for additional expenditure for the restoration of IT system etc.

The assets covered include most electrical and electronic installations such as information technology systems, electronic medical equipment, computers and communication equipment, research and laboratory equipment, traffic and navigation systems, mobile and portable equipment.


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This policy is ideal for all businesses that use electronic Computer systems of whatever kind.

In the event of an incident that may lead to a computer and electronic Equipment claim, the following documents will be required to process the claim:

  • A Duly completed Claim form.
  • Police abstract report (in case of theft or malicious damage).
  • Replacement invoice &/or purchase receipt/ proforma invoice.
  • Statement on the circumstances of the loss from the insured.
  • Witness(es) statement(s).
  • An engineer’s report in case of damage.

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