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KCB Agents Combined Insurance Package is a comprehensive cover that insures more than one type of property against a combination of perils or risks. The advantage with this policy is that it provides broad cover not found in individual policies. Risks insured against include:

a) Fire & Perils Insurance
The basic Fire policy provides indemnity against loss or damage to property described, caused by fire, lightning and explosion.  However, the policy is also extended to cover riots, strike, malicious damage, storm, earthquake, and impact by vehicles, aircraft and other aerial devices, subterranean fire, spontaneous combustion, explosion of industrial boilers and economizers, flooding, water damage due to bursting or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus, and pipes.

This insurance covers assets such as buildings, plant and machinery, business stocks, furniture fixtures and fittings and office equipment. The product will protect the Agents business premises and stocks against fire and perils ensuring in-case of a loss they are compensated quickly so that they can continue with their business.

b) Burglary Insurance

The Burglary policy provides indemnity against loss or damage to property following forcible or violent entry or exit from insured premises or through hold-up. Assets such as office equipment, stock in trade, furniture fixtures and fittings are covered. This will protect the Agents against theft of stocks while in the premises, the damage to the building as the thieves break in and it’s even extended to cover goods in the open up to a certain limit.

c) All Risks Insurance

The product provides indemnity against loss or damage to specified items as a result of any cause within the business premises.  This includes theft, fire, riot and strike breakage and or accidental damage and any other cause not excluded under the policy. This will be ideal to cover the POS machine, mobile phone, ETR machines, computers and all other electrical items that the Agent uses to conduct his business.

d) Money Insurance

This policy covers loss or damage to money by robbery or theft whilst:

  • In transit from your premises to the bank and vice versa
  • In premises during business hours
  • In premises in locked safes/strong rooms outside business hours
  • In the hand of senior employees/authorized personnel of the company
  • Value of the safe
  • NHIF and service charge stamps and stamped cards and the contents of the franking machine

This will ideally cover the cash/ money will in the premises or while in transit to the bank or with authorized employees against theft/hold-up by third parties.

e) Work Injury Benefit Act, 2007 (WIBA) Insurance

Compulsory for ALL Employees by Workmen’s Compensation Law: WIBA Act 2007


Death: 96 months earnings subject to the maximum amounts set out under the limit of liability table above.

Permanent Total Disablement: Percentages as set out in the First Schedule of Work Injury Benefits Act, 2007 subject to the maximum amounts set out under the limit of liability table above.

Temporary Total/Partial disablement: As per the Work Injury Benefits Act, 2007 subject to a maximum of twelve months earnings.

Medical Expenses: Actual expenses incurred but limited to Kshs.100,000.00 per employee

Funeral Expenses: Kshs.30,000.00 per deceased employee

Provides for compensation to employees for work related injuries & diseases contracted in the course of employment.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Fidelity guarantee policy is an insurance against the results of dishonesty or disloyalty of employees. Fidelity guarantee may be bought by any business which may suffer as the result of the dishonesty, failure in the loyal performance of duty by employees handling cash or stocks.

The policy covers the employer against loss of money and/or stock through dishonest acts of employees especially while they are transporting business stocks or handling cash to buy stock or banking.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Insurance provides protection against claims arising from:

  • Accidental bodily injury to any third party person
  • Accidental loss of or damage to third party property

Happening in connection with the business and occurring within the territorial limits described and happening during the period of insurance.

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Documents required for claims under KCB Agents Combined Insurance Package include:

  • Completed Claim Form
  • Police Abstract Report for theft claims
  • Fire brigade report for fire incidents
  • List of property damaged by fire or stolen
  • Supervisor statement in respect of all injury claims
  • KCB Insurance will provide guidance on the claims process and documents to be provided in substantiation of the claim

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