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The policy provides cover for loss or damage to client’s vessel (boat, ship, liner) whilst in Commission or laid up including legal liabilities to third parties, legal costs and salvage charges.

This policy is ideal for; Individual/company boat, ship, liner or vessel owners, manufacturers, traders.


  • Full Name of the client /proposer for insurance, Postal Address, Telephone Contact, PIN Number, Occupation (Business from which client derives his income)
  • Description of the vessel insured, age, make, model, classification
  • Shipping line (in case of commercial vessels) and general geographical operation/ sea route
  • Types of goods normally carried e.g. general merchandise, vehicles, petroleum products etc.
  • Valuation report and sea worthiness certificate
  • License from the relevant maritime authority



This policy is ideal for clients who owns commercial ships, luxury liners, passenger carrying sea vessels, registered boats, fishing trawlers etc.

In the event of an incident leading to a marine hull insurance claim, the following documents will be required to process the claim:

  • Claim notification to the insurance agency/company
  • Duly completed claim form.
  • Original cover note.
  • Original police abstract report.
  • Pilot’s license
  • Engineers repair estimate
  • Original ownership documents.
  • Copy of Certificate of incorporation for companies and ID’s for individuals.
  • Duly executed ownership transfer forms (*2)

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