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This policy has been specifically designed to cover the sabotage, terrorism, mutiny, rebellion, insurrection and coup d’état (excluding war and civil war).

These risks are normally excluded from standard insurance policies.

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Coverage for strike, riot and civil commotion can be included in the policy if not already included in the fire and perils policy for the client.

  • Full Name of the client /proposer for insurance, Postal Address, Telephone Contact, PIN Number, Occupation (from which client derives his income)
  • Physical address and value(s) of each of the property to be insured – Commercial Buildings, Business contents, plant and machinery, furniture fixtures and fittings, equipment & stocks.
  • Details of fire prevention measures put in place to prevent and/or mitigate fire losses such as Fire Alarm, smoke detectors etc.

Already covered under product description.


This policy is ideal for all organizations and institutions that are exposed to the risks covered under this policy.

In the event of an incident that may lead to a terrorism & political violence insurance claim, such claims would ideally be adjusted by a loss adjuster to determine the amount of loss and the undernoted documents would be required:

  • A Duly completed Claim form.
  • Police abstract report.
  • Quotations for repair or Replacement of damaged property.
  • Statement on the circumstance of the loss.
  • Witness(es) statement(s).

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