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Products liability insurance relates to the client’s legal liabilities for bodily injury to persons or loss of or damage to material property caused by products or goods sold or supplied. The definition of product is extensive and may include any goods or products sold, supplied, delivered, installed, erected, repaired, altered, treated, or tested by the insured person.

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From the client

  • Claim notification to the Insurance agency/company to facilitate the appointment of a loss adjustor
  • Duly completed Claim form and particulars of the claim and necessary evidence
  • Police abstract report

From the insurance company

  • Investigators report or the preliminary reports.
  • Court judgement or out of court agreement
  • Computations of the compensation payable.
  • Settlement cheque directly to the third party advocates

Insurance cover provided under Products Liability Insurance include:

  • Court judgments including damages (general and special damages)
  • Orders made by any court or tribunal to pay compensation;
  • Interest (including pre- and post-judgment interest)
  • Award of costs or settlements (including claimant’s costs and expenses)
  • Defence Costs


Product liability insurance is not just for manufacturers, any business that may find themselves bearing responsibility for the supply of goods to customers need to consider products liability cover. Such businesses could be involved in retailing, wholesaling, installation, maintenance, repair or servicing. The insurance cover will include liability for incorrect labeling and liability arising out of the sale of wrong goods e.g. the sale of diesel instead of petrol by a service station or the supply of wrong tablets by a chemist.  Examples of situations where such liabilities arise are listed below:

  • Hotels e.g. Food which causes sickness and presence of obnoxious objects in food and drinks.
  • Food manufacturers may be held legally liable to pay damages for foreign objects found in their products
  • Ladder makers may be held liable for defects which may cause accidents resulting to serious injuries.
  • Weed killer manufacturers may be held liable for not giving clear handling instructions of the chemicals as inhaling the chemicals may result in sickness to the farmers and or their domestic animals.
  • Electric appliances manufacturers may be held liable for damages caused by defective appliances as a result of explosions leading to injuries to the user and damages caused to property.
  • Tyre manufactures may be held liable for defective tyre bursts while in use causing accident to the vehicle.
  • Car manufacturers can be held liable for defective braking systems leading to serious or fatal injuries


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