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Public Liability Insurance provides compensation to the client in respect of the financial consequence of legal liabilities towards third parties arising out of business activities. The law imposes a general duty of care on persons not to harm their neighbours. The most common sources of liability are under this product is tort and contract.

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From the client

  • Claim notification to the Insurance agency/company to facilitate the appointment of a loss adjustor
  • Duly completed Claim form and particulars of the claim and necessary evidence
  • Police abstract report
  • Demand letter from the third party or court summons

From the insurance company

  • Investigators report or the preliminary reports.
  • Court judgement or out of court agreement
  • Computations of the compensation payable.
  • Settlement cheque directly to the third party advocates

Public liability insurance usually provides cover for:

  • Compensation claims for injuries to a third party or damage to their property, whether an incident takes place on business premises, a customer’s premises or elsewhere
  • Legal expenses
  • The cost of repairing damage (for example, to a client’s carpets if you are a plumber and do something in the course of your work which causes a flood)
  • The cost of hospital treatment (including the cost of calling out an ambulance) in the event of injury cases
  • Any other expenses deemed reasonable under the law

It is up to the client to decide how much public liability cover to purchase depending on the nature of business and legal liability exposure.


This policy is ideal for each and every person, whether individual or corporate, involved in any kind of activities. Examples of situations where liability arises are as follows:

  • All Contractors e.g. a contractor who damages a telephone company’s underground cables while digging trenches may be held liable to pay the cable company.
  • Large scale farmers may be held liable for straying animals which damage crops in the neighboring farms.
  • Residential property owners may be held liable for damage done by felling trees e.g. if the tree falls on the neighbors house.
  • Garages and Filling stations may be held liable for damage to surrounding property in the event of a fire spreading to the neighbors property


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