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This policy provides compensation for death, permanent disability, medical expenses and funeral expenses arising from an injury to a student as a result of an accident.

The term accident refers to any event resulting in bodily injury and/or death such as motor accident, injury during sports and extracurricular activities, slipping on a slippery floor, attack by thugs, falling from a height, attack by a domestic animal like a dog, choking, snake bites, attack by a wild animal, attack by bees etc.

  • Full Name of the client /proposer for insurance, Postal Address, Telephone Contact, PIN Number and Occupation.
  • A list with full names of employees/ members to be included gender and ages of persons
  • Desired limits of cover for each member insured

Already covered under product description

  • The Institution will be able to handle the financial consequences of a student’s accident.
  • It is handy for the Institution in taking care of emergency accidental situations.
  • The teachers, college heads and even parents have peace of mind while children are on school trips.
  • Highly affordable premiums, friendly to parents’ pockets.

This cover is designed for institutions of learning such as Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, colleges, Universities and students of any other learning institution to cater for the financial consequences of accidents.

Cover is also available to individual students who require personal accident cover whilst proceeding on attachment.

In the event of an incident that may lead to a Personal accident claim, the following documents will be required to process the claim:

  • Claim notification to the insurance agency/company
  • Duly completed personal accident claim form and medical certificate duly executed by the treating doctor.
  • Copy of students ID
  • In case the accident is fatal: a Death Certificate, a copy of National Identity Card and Police Abstract Report.
  • Original Medical Bills.

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