Sustainability Management and Reporting overview

Sustainability is about ensuring long term business success while contributing towards economic and social development, a healthy environment and a stable society. Put succinctly, sustainability is anchored in 3Ps i.e. Planet, People and Profit. Sustainability is creation of value for a wide range of stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, communities and Government, with particular consideration for the needs of future generation.

The global importance of sustainability is reflected in changing customer expectations and emerging national and international legislation. Companies’ chances of operating successfully and engaging in international trade depend more and more on their ability to mitigate social and environmental risks and to capitalize on opportunities for innovation.

Sustainability has become an essential element of competitive advantage something which business cannot ignore.

Three dimensions of sustainability

  • 1

    Social sustainability through welfare of communities as well as our employees.

  • 2

    Environmental sustainability through protection of natural resources

  • 3

    Financial stability of the financial institution and its clients, so that they continue to make long term contribution to development as well as Economic sustainability of projects and companies the financial institution finances

Our Approach

Our 10 point Action Plan

Financial inclusion

KCB is aware that there are many people who remain unable to participate in the modern economy due to lack of
access. We will strive to reach all demographics through adoption of technology and embracing innovation to deliver services to all marginalised communities. In conjunction, we will continue our programmes to educate people to make
sound financial decisions while using these grassroots interactions to gain insights into products and services that
are relevant to the group.


Although KCB has an employee profile that closely mirrors the natural population, more effort must be put in to
attracting and retaining women at the higher management levels of the organisation. Although programmes and initiatives are underway, the change will be slow, as it takes time to gain the relevant experience required to operate effectively at these levels.


KCB considers security, both physical and technological, as being of paramount importance to our business. While we have, during the 2013 year, implemented the chip and pin (EMV) ATM cards, we continue to run anti-fraud, anti-phishing and anti-corruption programmes to protect our data and that of our customers. In the medium term, we will ensure that KCB maintains state-of-the-art security measures on our operations and continually monitor our business for weakness and breaches.

Energy reduction

While we intend to grow our operations, we are mindful of innovations in energy efficiency and changing technologies. While we reduce the energy intensity of our business operations through the implementation of electricity and water efficiency equipment in our new and existing buildings, we will look to harness greater
benefits of green buildings as well as renewable energy sources, such as solar, where appropriate.

Community investment

Our communities are the lifeblood of our business. We will continue to invest in worthy causes that are of importance to our society. We will be placing more emphasis on the indirect benefits these initiatives provide to KCB and continue our support of initiatives in health and wellness, education, enterprise development and humanitarian causes.

We will also be focusing more investments on locally- based supplier to further support SMME (small medium and micro enterprise) growth

Ethics and integrity

We will maintain our focus on anticipating legislative and regulatory changes. We continue to cultivate our relationships with the relevant authorities and governing bodies to understand changes and adjust our operations accordingly.

Whistle blower contact details:


Toll free call number in Kenya: 0800-720-990

Environmental impact

Our energy and emission information will be expanded to include all our operations to formally baseline our carbon footprint in 2014. In addition to an increased scope of reporting on energy, we will commence measuring our water usage and waste management practices

Employee development

Our employees are our most important asset. As such we will continue to improve our employee value proposition to address remuneration through improved flexibility of remuneration options available, revise our employee retention strategy to help us retain our best staff and encourage our staff to utilise our e-learning channels as well as
classroom-based learning for skills and knowledge development.

Responsible lending

We will continue to monitor risk and take pre-emptive action to adjust products, services and progress to ensure we do not expose KCB or our customers to undue risks.

Capacity building

Guided by our sustainability framework, we will be developing staff and updating our existing business processes to embed sustainability in everything we do.